What is Dial Assist?


Dial Assist is an iPhone feature that simplifies the process of making international calls. When you are in a foreign country and have dial assist turned on, you can dial home, and to numbers within the country you’re currently in, without having to add a county code. However, there are a small number of countries worldwide where Dial Assist is not supported. In these countries, you will still need to add an exit code and the appropriate country code when making international calls. Please note that Dial Assist is not supported when: 


  • Calling internationally from your home country 

  • Visiting one country and calling a country that is not your home country 


If you have Dial Assist enabled on your UK Primary number and travel to Spain, you will be able to call a UK number without adding a country code, e.g. 07409876362. 
You will also be able to call a local Spanish number in the same way, e.g. 612345678. 
However, to dial a German number you would need to dial the full international access code and the German country code e.g. 00 49 xxxxxxxxxx. 
How do I activate/deactivate dial assist? 

  • To turn Dial Assist on or off, go to Settings > Phone > Dial Assist