How do I estimate my data usage?

Below is a rough guide to the data usage of different apps and services. Please note that all measurements are estimates & figures may vary: 

General browser usage (reading articles, online shopping etc.) 

5MB per hour 


Sending and receiving emails 

500KB per email 

Downloading or uploading photos, e.g to Instagram or WhatsApp 

850KB per image (depending on image size) 


Downloading or uploading music (e.g. downloading from Apple Music, Bandcamp etc. 

5MB for a 4-minute-long song 

Streaming online videos, tv shows or movies 

2MB per minute 

Downloading a movie or game trailer 


Downloading a film 


Streaming music (e.g. Spotify) or listening to online radio 

70-140MB per hour 

Playing online games 

10-20MB per hour 

Note: We round your data usage to the nearest kilobyte (KB).