Why can't I send or receive text SMS messages?

If you experience an issue with the SMS service, follow the steps below to resolve it. 



I can't send OR receive text messages 

  1. Do You Have Coverage? 

  • If you are in an area without coverage, you will experience a significant drop in our service.

  1. Have You Recently Ported Into our network? 

  • If you have recently ported into our network from another service provider, please allow an hour after your port time for all services to be active. 

  • If you have tried all the above and are still experiencing problems sending or receiving text messages, please contact us directly through the button below.

I can’t send SMS messages, but I can receive them 

  1. Do You Have Credit?. Check your remaining credit by dialling *124#. If you don't have enough credit, contact us through the button below.


  1. Do you have the correct service center address (SCA)/ short message service center (SMSC) configured on your device? If the setting is empty or incorrect, the SMS will not be delivered. Contact us through the button below to obtain the correct SCA/SMSC. 

  1. Are you using the correct dialing format? If you are traveling outside your home country, you will need to dial the correct international format. More information on Country Codes. 

  1. Are you trying to text a short code pr premium-rate number? BetterRoaming do not support outbound text messages to service providers which charges premium rates. More information can be found at Why Can't I Send Texts To Short Codes? 

  1. Are you attempting to send an MMS? In general, we do not support the sending or receiving of Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS). For this reason, you may also experience errors if you are attempting to send a group message or a long text message (over 760 characters), as some handsets will convert these messages from SMS to MMS. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. If you need to send a media file from your handset, please use messaging applications via data connection. 

  1. Test our services using another phone 

  • If you have access to another phone, try putting your SIM card in it & see if you can send an SMS. If so, it may be an issue with your device. 

  • If possible, try sending the SMS from a different SIM card. If it still doesn't work, it may be a problem with the number you are sending the SMS to. 

Need More Help? Contact us 

If none of the above helped resolve the issue, please contact us via email through the button below.

Please include the following information:  

  • Which of the above steps you have undertaken and their results. 

  • Your Mobile Number. 

  • Where you experienced the issue, eg: Road, Place, City, Country, Postcode etc. 

  • What time and / or how long you have been having the issue. 

  • Network you are connected to and whether you have signal or not.