How Do I Set Up Apple Visual Voicemail?

How do I use the Apple visual voicemail (VVM)? 

  • You must have an iPhone. 

  • You must have an iOS 8.1 or higher installed on your iPhone. 

  • You must create a 4-digit Voicemail PIN. 


Why should I use Apple visual voicemail? 

Apple Visual Voicemail is a quick & easy way to scan & manage voicemails on screen. Simply tap the voicemail icon on your iPhone to see all your voicemails as a list on your screen - no more calling up to listen to your messages. 

As a customer, visual voicemail is included in your prepaid SIM package. This means you can: 


  • View and manage the list of voicemails from your handset screen. 

  • Pause, stop, replay, fast forward, call back, and delete messages on screen. 

  • Change your voicemail password and manage greetings 


Please note, once Apple Visual Voicemail is activated, you will no longer receive SMS notifications from your standard voicemail notifying you of new voicemails. Instead with Apple Visual Voicemail, you'll see a notification against the phone icon on your iPhone when a message is left. 

In case you are not connected on the Internet & need to check your Voicemail box, you always have the option to call the standard voicemail number free wherever you are in the world. More information can be found here. 

Will I be charged for using Apple Visual Voicemail? 

Apple Visual Voicemail is available for free for all our iPhone customers. We do not charge an activation or monthly service fee. 

Please note that Apple Visual Voicemail uses a very small amount of data from your data allowance - typically around a maximum of 85KB for a 30 second message. 

This data usage will be taken from your data allowance when the message is received. Once the message is received, it can be listened to without any further data connection & without incurring further cost. 

Once a message is downloaded, it can be listened to without any data connection. 


Can I Deactivate/Reactivate Apple Visual Voicemail? 

• Yes, you can deactivate anytime by sending an SMS with the keyword VVMOFF to 8860 & this will happen within an hour. 
• In the future, you can reactivate by sending an SMS with the keyword VVMON to 8860. 

Once your Apple Visual Voicemail is deactivated, you will once again receive SMS notifications from your standard voicemail notifying of new voicemails. 

How Can I Access My Apple Visual Voicemail? 

When a message is left with Apple Visual Voicemail, you'll see a notification against the phone icon on your iPhone. 

Tap ‘Phone’ and tap ‘Voicemail’. Your messages are listed here. 
Tapping each one gives you the option to listen to the message, return the call or delete the message. 

You can also re-record your default voicemail greeting directly from your voicemail menu. 

 How Do I Know That I Have A New Voicemail? 

With Apple Visual Voicemail, the red circle on the phone icon on the main menu changes to an indication of how many new voicemail messages you have received and how many calls you have missed. 

 How Do I Know That I Have A New Voicemail If I Don’t Have A Data Connection? 

Apple Visual Voicemail requires an active data connection to work. If this is unavailable, you can still retrieve your voicemail messages by dialing the standard voicemail number. 

Can I Still Use Apple Visual Voicemail When The Data Cap Is Applied? 

Yes. However, if you reach the Data Cap limit, your chargeable data roaming usage will be barred and you can’t use the data service unless you purchase an add-on or unblock your data cap. 

Can I Use Apple Visual Voicemail When I Have Data Roaming Turned Off? 

When you travel outside your home country & you have Data Roaming turned off, you will still be notified via Apple Visual Voicemail when you receive new voicemails. 

How Do I Know Which Message Hasn’t Been Opened Yet? 

The unheard messages have a blue circle on the left side of the voicemail icon. After you have listened to the voicemail via Apple Visual Voicemail, the message will be shown in the ‘Old Messages’ folder. 


For more information on Apple voicemail, visit the Apple Support Page.