Why Do I Not Have Coverage?

If you are experiencing issues connecting to our network, please follow the steps below. 

1. Did you buy your SIM online? 

For Prepaid SIM customers, the SIM card shipped to you has to be activated. To activate a prepaid SIM card, please get in touch with us. 

2. Have you previously used the SIM in the handset/device? 

If you have never used the SIM and device together, please check that the device is not locked to another network provider. This may be the case if you purchased the device from a previous carrier.  

• If you see a message on the device screen stating that the device is locked or something similar, please contact the handset provider to have it unlocked. 
• If the device is not locked and you have only just ported a number into BetterRoaming, please contact us so we can check if the port has been completed correctly.  
• If you have used the device and SIM before and have not just ported your number in, continue through the steps below

3. Is Airplane mode switched on? 

Enabling this option in your handset turns off your ability to connect to the BetterRoaming network. 

• To switch off the Airplane Mode on your Apple Handset, please refer to this link 
• To switch off the Airplane Mode on your Android Handset, please refer to this link 

4. Do you have your network selection set to automatic? 

Make sure that your network selection preference is set to Automatic. This ensures that you will always automatically connect to the BetterRoaming network. 
This setting can be found in the settings menu of your device: 

  • To select this option on your Apple Handset - Select Settings > Carrier > Slide Automatic to On (Green) 

  • To select this option on your Android Handset - Select Settings > Mobile network settings > Network operators > Choose automatically 

  • To select this option on your Blackberry 10 Handset - Select Settings > Networks and Connections Mobile Network > Network Selection Mode > Automatic 

5. Do you have signal? 

If you are in an area with no or limited coverage you may have issues connecting to the our network. In some locations i.e. indoors, tall buildings or valleys signal strength can be poor. Try moving to a different area to see if this makes any difference.  

6. Have you restarted the device? 

From time to time, smartphones and other devices can start acting not so smart. Many issues can be resolved by simply turning it off and on again. 

7. Is anyone else having issues? 

Check if anyone else using a SIM from the same provider has signal. If you are the only one not receiving signal from our network the issue is likely to be device specific. 
Try inserting the SIM in another unlocked device to isolate the issue. 


Still having trouble? Contact us directly 

If none of the above helped resolve the issue, please get in touch with us through the button below we'll be happy to assist you further. 

To help speed up troubleshooting so we can get things working for you as quickly as possible, please take note of the following: 

  • Confirm which of the above steps you have undertaken and what the result was. 

  • Provide us with your Mobile Number. 

  • Tell us where you experienced the issue in as much detail as you are able to eg: Road, Place, City, Country, Postcode etc. 

  • Tell us what time and / or how long you have been having the issue. 

  • The make and model of the device you are using.