Apple Watch Family Setup: How it works

BetterRoaming watch plans are a simple and practical way for a family unit to stay connected. By using the Apple Watch’s Family Setup mode in combination with a BetterRoaming mobile watch plan, you can set up multiple Apple Watches with their own phone number and mobile data plan, all with a single iPhone. From kids to parents and older adults, our watch plans provide a wealth of connectivity, safety and health benefits for the whole family.

Below, learn more about Family Setup mode – and find out how a mobile watch plan from BetterRoaming can help connect those closest to you.

What is Family Setup for Apple Watch?

Family Setup mode is an iOS feature that allows you to set up multiple different Apple Watches through one iPhone. These watches can then be used by people who don’t have their own iPhone, such as family members. An Apple Watch with a BetterRoaming mobile plan will be able to make and receive calls, use apps and get online, just like a smartphone.  

A BetterRoaming watch plan can be downloaded in minutes. And there’s no need to switch mobile providers – our watch plans work independently of the mobile plan you use with your iPhone. 

What are the benefits of Family Setup mode?

This mode is designed to help a family unit to stay connected. As parents, for example, the ability to call or message your child when needed is invaluable. However, many adults are reluctant to hand their child a smartphone that can be easily misplaced and has the potential to access the internet at any time. A mobile-enabled Apple Watch is a convenient alternative – children can stay in touch without needing their own smartphone.

Coupled with Apple’s family-friendly list of Watch functions like location services, screentime limits, fall detection and emergency SOS features, Family Setup provides a new layer of security and independence for all ages. 

Which Apple Watch models support Family Setup mode?

All data-enabled (cellular) Apple Watches from series 4 onwards support this feature. You’ll also need to make sure your devices are running at least iOS14 and Watch OS7.

For the best experience, we recommend updating your iPhone and Watch to the latest iOS and WatchOS

What plans do we offer?

We offer two types of plans, monthly and annual. You can purchase a plan in the following countries:

Australia, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, United States 

Please note that mobile connectivity and data will only work in the country chosen when you purchase the plan. Connecting the watch in another country and making calls or sending texts to international or premium-rate numbers is currently not possible. 

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How do I add a mobile plan to an Apple Watch?

To enable your Apple Watch with a BetterRoaming data plan, you first need to set up your watch in Family Setup mode. Once you’ve done that, you can add a mobile plan, either through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone or on When you’re on the website, select either a monthly or an annual plan, fill in your details, and book your plan (including an initial 7-day free trial). We’ll then have your watch connected and set up in minutes. For more information please visit our installation page.

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